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At Columbus Locks and Keys you can expect to have professional technicians that have the expertise to create all types of truck and car keys whatever the make, model and year including trunk keys, glove box keys, Vat keys, metal keys, and transponder keys.

We are highly skilled to provide you with any locksmith issue and always carry in our service truck all the equipment, tools, and best quality products to solve any lock and key you may have at your location. We take pride in ensuring we never have to make you wait any longer than is necessary to complete the job and have you back you on the road and on with your life.


Most people never even think about their keys until they have a problem. Keys are expected to do what they were made to do and that is most people think about. The truth is that every key is made different and even made from different materials. The trunk and glove box keys are the easiest to cut as the metals are not very strong and can easily be duplicated. However, when you look at Vat keys you are looking a key that is different and needs more knowledge than just using a key cutting machine. Vat which stands for Vehicle Anti-theft System is very different in the way they were created and you must have expertise in order to create the key and it actually work in the vehicle. We have trained technicians that can replace or repair a wide array of Vat keys for such models as Buick, Pontiac, VW, BMW, Hummer, Chevy, and Ford to name a few.

Transponder keys are even a new type of vehicle keys that are used with cars that were only manufactured after the year 2000. These types of vehicles keys have a built-in chip that sends a signal to a module inside the ignition when you insert the key. If the signal is not transmitted at the right frequency for your vehicle, then it will not start. You cannot create a metal key for the ignition and without reprogramming your transponder key; your vehicle will not start.

Our trained technician have the experience and knowledge to reprogram these keys or create a new transponder key and reprogram your ignition whatever you need.

At Columbus lock and key we provide full car locksmith services for any vehicle at any time

We are available in Columbus 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


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